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20 Signs You Are Accidentally Dating Your Best Friend

Is she the PB to your J? Find out with these 20 tell-tale signs that your womance is bordering on relationship territory.

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1. You call each other pet names

... Babe, beautiful, sweetheart, boo, honey, the list goes on - you name it.

2. Some people actually think you’re dating

... And it doesn’t even bother you as much as it probably should.

3. Because you’ve probably pretended to be dating before anyway

... Whenever you're asked about romantic prospects or want to get rid of a creepy guy at the bar.

4. You share a lot

... Clothes, food, drinks, boys, germs, and other things you probably shouldn't admit to sharing...

5. People tell you that you're cute

... But you know there's a good chance they also think you're weird.

6. It probably doesn’t help that you cuddle on the regular

... But who cares what other people think when you have the perfect big spoon to hold you?

7. And it definitely doesn’t help that you celebrate holidays together

... But Valentine's Day just wouldn't be the same with anyone else.

8. You regularly schedule and plan dates

... That are more romantic than ones you've gone on with boyfriends. Couples massage, anyone?

9. You could write a multivolume book series for your inside jokes

... And there still wouldn't be enough room for all of them.

10. You’re very, very comfortable around each other

… No pants are the best pants, right?

11. She’s your go-to shoulder to cry on

… And you have never felt so safe being so vulnerable.

12. You either live together or have seriously considered it

… Because imagine all the fun you'd have. And who else would you rather wake up to?

13. You have each other’s and each other’s parent’s numbers memorized

… And she's listed as ICE in your phone.

14. She’s your go to partner in crime by night

… And going out without her just isn't the same.

15. And she's your go-to study buddy by day

… Even though it's not always the most productive way to study.

16. You trust her with all of your heart

… And you know you can count on her to hold your hair back, get you home safe, really anything you could ever need.

17. You imagine her by your side on your big day

… And you're already mentally collecting notes for your own maid of honor toast.

18. And you know your kids are going to be best friends

… Do they have a choice?

19. She makes forever seem short

… Because now that you've found her, you can't imagine living another day without her #soulsisters.

20. And most of all, you’re smiling and/or laughing pretty hard right now

… Because far too many of these signs reminded you of her. Well, what're you waiting for? Go on, tell her you love her and post this on her facebook wall; after all, it's not like you two have ever thought twice about #excessivePDA.

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