29 Times "Earth Girls Are Easy" Took Your Sexuality Out Of This World

    What is "easy"?

    1. When this trio somehow made your pants toasty.

    2. When this glitchy neon sign subtly got us in the mood early on.

    3. When Ted blew up his biceps.

    4. When Val got stuck with the scrappiest towel in the salon.

    5. And then tried out the dom look during her makeover montage...

    6. ...before settling on this ensemble to surprise Ted.

    7. When a porcelain hand made you hot for statues.

    8. When Valerie's bikini left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

    9. When Wiploc showed us that space boys are flexible.

    10. When the fish out of water motif reached phallic proportions.

    11. When each alien's hairless form was revealed.

    Thank you, Nair. Thank you.

    12. And decked out in the sexiest '80s attire.

    13. When Wiploc discovered hairless legs...

    14. ...then showed us what he's working with.

    15. When Zeebo laid it all out on the dance floor.

    16. When Mac's touch did this.

    17. Which lead to this embrace...

    18. ...and this fucking lip bite.

    19. When the sex was so good that it rained gems.

    20. When we saw how happy Earth girls made Wiploc.

    21. When the gas station attendant showed off his interior design skills.

    22. When Angelyne's gams stopped traffic.

    23. And she dipped into the petty cash.

    24. When peak masculinity was reached.

    25. When they played doctor with a nurse.

    26. When this was offered.

    27. When Val revealed some tasteful side-butt.

    28. Basically any damn time Mac worked his magic.

    29. And when you realized you simply would never get over Before-You-Were-Born-Blum.