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    17 Things That'll Make You Want To Go Back To Summer Camp

    Sweet mosquito-ridden youth!

    1. Being surrounded by incredible views.

    2. Nigh perfecting the art of s'more making.

    3. Taking time out for arts and crafts everyday.

    4. Spending time at the lake.

    5. Actually being able to see the stars at night.

    6. Indulging at ice cream socials.

    7. Flirting like pros at camp dances.

    8. Inhaling the smell of dwindling campfires and dew in the morning.

    9. Getting away from technology (and enjoying it).

    10. Gathering to sing those all-too-catchy campfire songs.

    11. Constantly smelling of sunscreen and bug spray.

    12. Putting together stellar talent shows.

    13. The sound of arrows swishing by during archery class.

    14. Discovering uncharted wilderness on hikes.

    15. Making and becoming best friends all in one go.

    16. Sharing scary stories around the campfire.

    17. And reuniting with your family after a summer apart.