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    14 Fantastic Ways To Incorporate "Something Old" Into Your Wedding

    Besides inviting your great aunt Lisa.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. If your mother kept her bouquet, take a small flower from it and have it set in resin to wear as a necklace, bracelet, or pin on the big day.

    Eight Acorns / Via

    You can have a piece custom made or DIY it. (Tutorial here).

    2. Spritz yourself with an iconic scent.

    Flickr: liutao

    Smell is one of the strongest ways to trigger memories, so let your nose take you back.

    3. Make a custom "old, borrowed, new, and blue" charm-pin to wear on your dress.

    Mike Carreiro Photography / Something Turquoise / Via

    This DIY project is crazy easy, and chances are you have everything you need in your house right now.

    4. Attach your parents' and grandparents' wedding rings to your bouquet for the ceremony.

    Brian Dorsey Studios / Via

    If you're planning to toss your bouquet, just be sure to take them off first!

    5. Get an antique topper for your wedding cake.

    Miranda's Bridal / Via

    There have been tons of different styles of wedding cake toppers over the past century. A simple search online or visit to flea market can help you land a little piece of history.

    6. Wrap your bouquet with fabric from an old dress.


    The fabric could be from any sentimental garment. Maybe that dress you wore on your first date?

    7. Put photos of loved ones you've lost in a locket and then wrap it around the bouquet.

    George Street Photography / Via Leah O'Reilly

    It's never easy facing your biggest day without loved ones, but this heartfelt homage is a beautiful way to carry them with you in spirit.

    8. If you have a loved one in the military or police force, sew an old badge of theirs inside your dress.

    Katie Nesbitt / Via

    It's a great photo-op, and super helpful if you ever lose your dress!

    9. Have the sweetheart table set with family wedding china.

    Kondor83 / Getty Images

    You can mix and match settings from both of your families.

    10. Put a six pence in your shoe.

    Flickr: randomskk

    It's good luck! And since they were discontinued in the late '60s, any one you can get your hands on will be plenty old enough.

    11. Tuck an antique hair pin into your updo.

    Sidewalk Ends Shop / Via

    It's a subtle and sophisticated nod. Plus, hair pins are pretty much already a necessity at weddings.

    12. Cut a piece of fabric from your father's favorite shirt or tie (with his permission, of course) and sew it into the lining of your dress.

    Lauren Larsen / Via

    A heart right over your heart seems to be the most popular way to go.

    13. Allow guests to capture moments the old fashioned way — with Polaroids.

    Flickr: elysepatten

    You can set up a photo booth or just pass the cameras around during your reception.

    14. Book a classic car for your departure...

    Flickr: macieklew

    ... and go out in style.