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26 Cats That Purfectly Sum Up Your Summer Job

These cats are ready to quit right meow!

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1. Summer is in full swing!

2. The flowers have bloomed, the mercury's rising, and days are spent soaking up the rays.

4. No, you'll be stuck inside all summer.

5. Because bills don't take a vacation.

6. So you've gotten yourself a summer gig.

7. You don't particularly like it, and you definitely don't want to do it for a living.

8. But you need the cash, so you try to grin and bear it.

9. Even though your co-workers are nosy...

10. ...and you feel like you're the only one doing any work....

11. Your boss still snaps at you for daydreaming.

12. You hear the ice cream truck pass by...

13. See people running around in shorts while you're stuck in uniform...

14. ...and you begin to wonder if you even know what summer is anymore.

15. You try to listen to your friend's vacation tales graciously...

16. ...but end up tuning out to avoid chronic FOMO.

17. When you've had enough of hum-drum-sum, you decide to throw caution to the wind and go to your friend's weeknight parties.

18. Because, dammit! You deserve it.

19. But then the clock strikes ten...

20. ...and the only thing you want in the entire world is your bed.

21. And even though you only had two drinks, you wake up feeling like a Transformer is tap dancing on your brain.

22. Everyday, you enter the office, praying that you will be sent home early.

23. Not permanently! Just for a few months or so.

24. Because you're just not sure how much more you can take...

25. ...until your next paycheck drops.


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