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14 Swimming Holes In America You Need To Visit

Holey shit.

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Why you should go: The pool is actually an underground river whose dome collapsed thousand of years ago. If you've ever been to Texas in the summer, you'll know that water is sacred, and this place proves it, undeniably.


Why you should go: It's an underwater cave that is 30 feet deep, but still has a shallow ledge for wading and soaking up the sun. There's a rock you can climb to dive off of, if you're an experienced cave diver, but it's awesome (and safer) from ground level.

Why you should go: The crystal blue waters and verdant flora makes this place look like it was plucked from Neverland. On top of it's beautiful ascetic, the menagerie of local wildlife will keep you coming back visit this swimming hole more than just once.


Why you should go: Nestled in the Grand Canyon, it's truly a wonder among wonders. It's ideal for the experienced hiker, as the terrain and heat can be taxing. It makes arriving at the falls all the more rewarding.


Why you should go: Between dips, you can explore the ruins of the old saw mill that used to preside over the falls. Your dogs can come along, provided you clean up after them, and enjoy the baths with you.

Why you should go: The pools are "shut-in" by large rocks that are resistant to erosion. There's an observation deck above the waters where you can scope out the whole area before finding a spot to jump in.

Why you should go: This natural water slide is a popular cool off spot for Pennsylvanians and tourists alike. It may be a little bumpier ride than it's plastic descendants, but it is a thrill that's worth seeking out.


Why you should go: There are dozens of falls on the way to the Lower Falls, which hosts the best swimming in the park. The falls are inaccessible during the winter, so soak up the experience while you can!

Why you should go: The Blue Hole has been protected from commercial development by the people of Wimberley since 2005. The swimming hole is filled with rope swings that'll surely bring out your inner-Tarzan.

Why you should go: Because beaches in Hawaii are a dime a dozen, a visit to these pools will set your vacation apart. The seven pools are connected by a stream, nestled amid a bamboo forest. The muddy trek to the pools will make you feel like a kid again.


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