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19 Moments Of Horror That Every Kid Growing Up In The '90s Experienced

Is nostalgia supposed to sting?

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1. Seeing that your school supply list forbade Trapper Keepers.

Trapper Keeper

2. Falling behind on your Pizza Hut "Book It!" reading.

Pizza Hut / Via

3. Leaving your Tamagotchi at home to die alone.

Tamagotchi / Via

4. Burning your neon-colored popcorn

Pop Secret / Via

5. Scratching your Baby-G


6. Somebody removing the tag from one of your Beanie Babies.

Dominique Godbout / Via Flickr: dominiquegodbout

7. Sleeping through One Saturday Morning.


8. Your first prank called being ruined by caller ID.

Brian Teutsch / Via Flickr: brianteutsch

9. Getting Gak in the carpet.


10. Your Furby refusing to go to sleep.

Yoppy / Via Flickr: spilt-milk

11. Your parents catching you watching Ren and Stimpy.


12. Getting blisters from N64 controllers.

13. Someone discovering you stilled watched Barney.


14. Being expected to read, rather than just stare at the cool cover of an "Animorphs" book.


15. Getting in trouble for not using home-row in computer lab.

16. Falling victim to a Creepy Crawlers prank.

17. Getting body glitter in your eyes.

clairewinterphotography / Via Flickr: 129810664@N07

18. Forgetting to bring the disk with your project on it to school.

Blake Patterson / Via Flickr: blakespot

19. And... waking Daddy.

Milton Bradley

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