15 Ways You Know You Grew Up In A Family Of All Girls

Who runs the world?

1. You never close the door when you pee.

What? We all have the same parts!

2. You’ve frozen at least 1 training bra.

3. You knew the best way to piss your sister off was to get her friends to say you were cool.

NBC / Via uproxx.com

4. There was one first communion dress. And you all wore it.

Because in some sick twist of Traveling Pants fate, it fit all of you.

5. Having an older sister to teach you how to do your makeup was not necessarily a good thing.

6. You were jealous of your friends with big brothers.

ABC / Via wifflegif.com

Seriously, why don’t I get to live with a hunky older guy?

7. You knew where everyone’s diary was, and what secrets could get them in the most trouble.

TriStar Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

8. Hand-me downs galore!

Walt Disney Pictures / Via tumblr.com

But the real money was in “borrowing” the clothes you wanted 2 years before they’d grace your dresser.

9. Biore strips were a great bonding/hazing activity.

10. You felt like a total badass if you got your period younger than your sister did.

And you spend the rest of your life regretting that.

11. Anybody who says girls don’t fight, has not felt the wrath of your sister’s Indian burns.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via shakespearewithgifs.tumblr.com

12. There came a time where your father would disappear for a week every month.

If he was lucky enough to have you sync up.

13. Everyone said you looked just like your sister.

And it made you furious.

14. You know people who call their sisters “sissy” are full of shit.

15. Throughout all the rough and awkward times, you all made it out alive.

Now you have the rest of your lives to evolve into the Ya Ya Sisterhood/Steel Magnolias amalgam of your dreams!

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