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10 Honest UberX Reviews That You're Too Nice To Leave

And by "nice", we mean, "afraid that they'd rate you as bad passenger".

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1. "My driver was creepy. Like nobody who steps into his basement, ever steps out kind of creepy."


You know the type. The mix of Slugworth and the snow shoveling guy from Home Alone. With out the (spoilers) endearing qualities.

6. "I think your employee may be obsessive-compulsive. I had to tell him “this is it” three times before he actually considered touching the brake."


It was not a language barrier, and I'm trying to be nice and not suggest that he's just an asshole.

8. "Please let your driver know that it’s cool if they want to chat on Bluetooth, but ask me what radio station I want to drown it out with first."

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