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    • rooshi

      Erm… I’m commenting on thisabit late because this article remained at the bottom of my (wait for it) Reader feed foralong time.Ilike to leave long articles there until just before they expire (inamonth) soIcan read and reflect with appropriate context. You’d be surprised what wonders beingamonth behind on reading news analysis (when being all caught up on an extra month of news) can do! Anyway,Ifelt likeIhad to comment because I’ve beenaHEAVY Reader user for nearly six years now. Reader Trends tells me “Since March 21, 2007 you have readatotal of 232,057 items”.
      Iwasasharer, enthusiastic early adopter of G+, and (initially)askeptic about the demise of Reader’s social features. And yet, aboutayear onIhave made my peace with it.
      Ilove Google+ as the place whereIget interesting content and where “communities of interest” are thriving (I just never got the Ghost Town thing becauseIpostalot publicly, and follow interesting people even if they’re strangers). It is true that onceIfind something on G+ or through my feeds on ReaderIdouble share it-on Facebook where my family and friends mostly are, and on G+ whereIhave these “sharebros” you speak of :) The only feature of Reader thatIdo miss is my own “shared items” feed, which was an awesome collection of handy bookmarks to content far asIwas concerned. I’ve adapted by putting the “Starred Items” feed to that same use All this isalong-winded way of saying the new Reader -> G+ integration is not for everyone, but for me, it does work. Still cannot imagine an online life without Reader, G+, FB, and (toalesser extent) Twitter

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