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    27 Different Kinds Of Pizzas To Satisfy Every Need

    I went online looking for a recipe, but came across a lot of pizza instead. Check out these different styles:

    1. For The Vegetarian




    5. Mac 'n Cheese Pizza

    6. Multi-Level Pizza / Via

    Pizza Rolls on Bagel Bites on Mini Pizza on a Pizza

    7. Cone Pizza

    8. Prosciutto Pizza

    9. Tiny Pizza

    10. Bike Pizza

    11. Breakfast Pizza / Via

    Grilled Pizza with Eggs and Asparagus


    13. Pacman Pizza

    14. Pizza Strips

    15. Blue Stuff Pizza

    Just didn't get what the hell that blue stuff is. Help me out if you know.

    16. Big Ass Pizza

    17. Sausage Fest Pizza

    18. Sleeping Pizza

    19. Angry Birds Pizza

    20. Rucola Pizza / Via Flickr: cathiiannone

    Not special, I just love rucola.

    21. Pizza For The Lovers


    23. Pizza Burger Sandwich.

    24. Grilled Pizza

    25. Cat Pizza

    26. Big Mess Pizza

    27. Penis Pizza