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    18 Signs You Went To WSU

    Pullman is a magical place. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Palouse, the campus is far from the shimmering lights of, well, pretty much anywhere. Perhaps it's that isolation that makes it so special... and so much fun.

    1. You get really excited when you see this. And you know exactly how far you are from Pullman.

    2. You have a slightly irregular reaction (to people who didn't go to WSU) to the color purple.

    3. Your mastery of the saying "Go Cougs" knows no bounds. You can use it as a salutation, exclamation, questions - you name it!

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    The "Go Cougs" saying is an internationally-known phenomenon and actually happens without much thinking upon seeing someone around the globe wearing WSU gear.

    4. You wake up early on Saturdays when the Cougs are away just to watch Ol' Crimson fly.

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    And you dream of it happening in Pullman one day. One day...

    5. You have/had Cougar Calves.

    6. You know your school's fight song (coughuwcough) and break it out whenever needed (which is often).

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    Even Tom Tuttle from Tacoma, Washington belts one out for WSU.

    7. You spent as much time at The Dunes as you could before classes got too heavy (and even stayed for Summer school just to enjoy them longer).

    8. You judge all other cheeses against the measuring stick that is Cougar Gold.

    9. This kid made the USWNT's win over Japan all that much sweeter for you.

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    That kid has been offered countless beers (when he's of age of course) at more tailgates than he'll ever have time for.

    10. You had some pretty good times in this place.

    11. You've fallen/seen someone slip and fall/almost fell/fell but no one saw you so did you really fall here?

    12. This song was on your winamp playlist and now is on your iPod...still.

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    13. You're always quick to call out bandwagon UW fans.

    14. You feel a certain kinship with this guy (especially if you were in Comms).

    15. You knew not to even try to go to Sella's on home football weekends.

    Or here for that matter...

    16. You're probably better off just ordering some of these. Remember these?

    17. And you know you went to WSU if you are always looking forward to the next time you can go back.

    18. Oh... and you remember when this thing was put up on eBay?