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11 Things I'll Miss About Being An American Expat In London

We may both speak English, but the differences between Americans and those from the UK are definitely numerous.

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1. Sandwiches... Everywhere


We have sandwiches in the states, but the English's sandwich game is on POINT. You can get delicious sandwiches just about anywhere you happen to be. We're not talking 7-11 three-day old sandwiches, we're talking delicious (and even good for you) sandwiches literally stacked to the ceiling.

2. No Tipping

Oh, did you forget to leave a tip? NO WORRIES! What's that, people are expected to give you good service simply because it's their job? What a novel idea. Apparently this bar (above) didn't get the memo, but I like their end goal.

3. History... Everywhere

I've been to the East Coast before and yes, New York and other cities have amazing historical buildings... because people left this country and went and built them. Walking pretty much anywhere in London is like walking through a history book, it's amazing.

4. Free Museums

I'm a big fan of geeking out over pretty much everything, so the fact that museums are free in England (most of them) is amazing. Yeah, you have to pay to go into the Tower of London and some other attractions, but the fact they feel museums and learning should be open to the people at no charge is definitely something I can get behind.


5. Cabbies Who Know Where They're Going


Granted, cab drivers in NYC are definitely better than those in Seattle, but London cabbies are a whole different breed. These guys know, even when I'm barely even sure, exactly where I need to get - without GPS. Cabbies in London are so good they even have little huts throughout the city where they can grab coffee, a sandwich, and sit around with their cab driver friends talking about how awesome they are.

6. Tweed

It's not like tweed is only available in Britain, but you have to admit the island's love of the fabric definitely supersedes that of anywhere else. There's just something about donning a great-fitting Harris Tweed jacket that makes you want to grab your hunting dog, staff, and flat cap and set out on the back 20 acres just to survey your land.

7. Cheap Cable

Yeah, most of it is pretty crap, but the fact that you can get "free" cable (while you do have to pay a small TV license fee) that can get you by is pretty awesome.

8. Reliable Public Transport

Want to get.. anywhere? You can do it.


9. This view... actually, a lot of views

London is definitely a beautiful city. You're not going to find many others like it. See ya, London!

10. Sunday Roast

Oh, you have to go back to work tomorrow? Why don't we put that off just a bit longer by having THE MOST DELICIOUS MEAL EVER?! Meat, potatoes, vegetables, and a delicious handful of Yorkshire puddings... smothered in gravy. Seriously, this is something I'll be taking back to the states with me.

11. Markets

In the states, we have food trucks, but the market scene in London is off the hook. They're all over the city and have amazing food from all corners of the map. If you're living here or just visiting, do yourself a favor and make sure you check at least a couple out.

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