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21 Dogs Who Graduated From College

♫ As we go on, we remember all the times we had together. ♫

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1. B.A. in Fetchology

Via tumblr

2. B.A. in Puppy Eyes Studies

Via tumblr

3. B.S. in Barkism

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4. B.S. in Snugglenomics

Via tumblr

5. B.A. in Shake Paws Studies Minor in Scratching

Via tumblr

6. B.S. in Shakeonics

Via tumblr

7. B.A. in Beg Studies Minor in Puppy Eyes

Instagram / Via @jaynerichmondphotography

8. B.A. in Sniff Studies

Via tumblr

9. B.S. In Playnomics Minor In Tennis Ball Chasing

Instagram / Via @laurzannek

10. B.A. in Howlism Minor in Whine Studies

Instagram / Via @jaynerichmondphotography

11. B.A. in Hideology

Instagram / Via @maddie_da_mutt

12. B.S. in Chaseology

Instagram / Via @leinv1977

13. B.S. in Treateology

Instagram / Via @alana516

14. B.S. in Diglogy

Instagram / Via @sammwepstein

15. B.A. in Droolism

Via tumblr

16. B.A. in Napeology

Instagram / Via @rachmck1

17. B.A. in Butt Scratch Studies

Instagram / Via @stepantyy

18. B.S. in Humpmatics

Instagram / Via @korrenade

19. B.A. in Play Dead Studies

Instagram / Via @amtheblondie

20. B.A. in Tailwag Studies

Instagram / Via @rachberkowitz

21. B.S. in Runism Minor in Walking

Instagram / Via @jaspervonblue_aeri2

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