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2011 Grocery Retailing And Consumer Trends In The UK

Product Synopsis Grocery Retailing and Consumer Trends in the UK is the result of Canadean’s extensive online consumer survey and industry research program. The report is data-driven and provides a uniquely deep and rich array of data analysis on the UK grocery market. The unique benefits of this integrated consumer survey and market data methodology mean that the report not only provides detailed value and volume data, but also private label coverage and data on the key consumer trends affecting the market. NB: retailer data refers to off-trade drinks only, but total market, and drinks market, sizes include on-trade drinks sales. Introduction and Landscape Why was the report written? Marketers in the UK grocery market face changing consumption patterns as a result of demographic changes, uncertain economic conditions and evolving technology. This makes it essential to not only understand the current state of the market, but to also quantify the impact of consumer trends, providing a spotlight on what consumption decisions are being made and why.This report solves these problems by providing integrated survey-based data for Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Food, and Health & Beauty products which show value and volume retail sales data, relative brand and private label shares, retailer shares by product category (volume data), the value of different consumer groups, and quantifies the amount of the total market directly influenced consumer trends.

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1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

1.2 Scope

1.3 Methodology

1.3.1 Introduction

1.3.2 Large scale, international, program of online consumer surveys

1.3.3 Nationally Representative results (age, gender)

1.3.4 Parents answered on their children''s behalf

1.3.5 Legal Drinking Age exclusions for alcoholic drinks categories

1.3.6 Integrated with industry calling and secondary research

1.4 Definitions

1.4.1 Consumer Trends and Reasons for Retailer Choice

1.4.2 Consumer Groups and Legal Drinking Age Consumption (for Alcoholic Drinks coverage)

1.4.3 End Consumers

1.4.4 Volume Units and Aggregations

1.4.5 Exchange Rates

1.4.6 Population Profiles (for interpretation of tables and charts)

2 CPG Retail Sales Analysis

2.1 Overview

2.1.1 Total CPG Value Sales by Market

2.2 Value Analysis

2.2.1 Alcoholic Drinks

2.2.2 Beverages

2.2.3 Food

2.2.4 Health & Beauty

2.3 Volume Analysis

2.3.1 Alcoholic Drinks

2.3.2 Beverages

2.3.3 Food

2.3.4 Health & Beauty

3 Brand vs. Private Label Dynamics in CPG Retailing

3.1 Brand vs. Private Label Volume Share Analysis

3.1.1 Total Volumes for Alcoholic Drinks

3.1.2 Total Volumes for Food

3.2 Drivers of Brand & Private Label Choices

3.2.1 Regular and Occasional Private Label Consumers - Trends Driving Consumption Choices

3.2.2 Regular Private Label Consumers - Trends Driving Consumption Choices by Sector

3.2.3 Overall Regular Private Label Consumer Profiles

3.2.4 Regular Private Label Consumer Profiles for Alcoholic Drinks

3.2.5 Regular Private Label Consumer Profiles for Beverages

3.2.6 Regular Private Label Consumer Profiles for Food

3.2.7 Regular Private Label Consumer Profiles for Health & Beauty

3.3 Brand vs Private Label Volume Share by Category

3.3.1 Alcoholic Drinks

3.3.2 Beverages

3.3.3 Food

3.3.4 Health & Beauty

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