3-Day Beijing Health Cultivation Tour Recommended by CITS

Itinerary features Ping Xin Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Attend a lecture and experience a massage Beijing Ping Xin Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic specializes in a variety of persistent health issues like diabetes,back problems , insomnia and skin problems, and is where the Beijing Cui Yueli Traditional Medicine Research Center holds its clinical trials. Commune by the Great Wall Enjoy a tea ceremony in a bamboo-themed room Commune by the Great Wall was designed by 12 outstanding architects from Asia. It’s the first architectural work in China that was exhibited at La Biennaledi Venezia and bestowed a special prize for promoting the art of architecture. The bamboo-framed tearoom hangs above the water, offering picturesque views of the Great Wall’s many towers, filling you with tranquility as you sip at some unique teas. The Cultural Park for TCM Health Cultivation in Temple of Earth Explore the history of Chinese herbal medicine You can visit multiple themed statues,including the Bronze Acupuncture Statue,a health cultivation center, try some herbal remedies at the tea house or just enjoy a stroll around the very nature that is used in Chinese medicine. Capital’s Famous Doctors Clinic Experience a TCM foot bath The Capital’s Famous Doctors Clinic is among the first batch of TCM Cultural Tourism demonstration bases, holding several seminars for veteran TCM experts to exchange ideas. Under the guidance of professional medical consultants you can improve your body and even treat diseases with a specially-formulated medical foot bath. Zhongwei Yuyuan Fushan Restaurant Sample the best of herbal cuisine Zhongwei Yuyuan Fushan is the place to dine for herbal cuisine made from natural plants, with fresh ingredients picked straight from the medicinal plant garden,ensuring that each dish is not only delicious, but its restorative properties areas potent as possible. Beijing Medicinal Plant Garden Explore the medicinal plant garden In the north of Haidian District, there is a unique garden with over 600 kinds of medicinal herbs, covering an area of160 acres. Meander through beautiful terraces decorated with medicinal herbs and plants, bridges that lead to traditional pavilions and a myriad of connected streams, ponds and waterfalls. China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office (abbreviated to CITS) was founded in 1954. It is China's largest and most influential tourist enterprise group, having registered in more than 60 countries and regions. CITS is the earliest travel agency which was granted a franchise for outbound tourism services. It has ranked No. 1 among China’s travel agencies over ten consecutive years and won 1st place in the tourism industry among the country's top 500 enterprises. Website:www.cits.cn Tel:86-10-85228079 Contact:Li Ye

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