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44 Signs You Know You're A Virginia Cavalier

Whether you call yourself a Virginia Cavalier, a Wahoo, or simply a Hoo, here are a few reminders of why you should be proud of that title. I'm just, you know, hoping to help ease all of those *~*emotions*~* from a certain game. Wahoowa until I die.

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Our team lost to Michigan State, and now existence seems so pointless. / Via

Ugh, Spartans. How fucking original, amirite? Look at him; definitely on steroids - those triceps are just un.fucking.believable.

1. This is where you went to school.

Samantha Brooke Photography / Via Facebook: SamanthaBrookePhoto

It's fucking gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that it's designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an honor only bestowed to places with significant cultural or physical importance (the Pyramids of Giza are on the same list).

4. You miss Garden parties. / Via

Or just hanging out in any one of the ten Gardens. You may or may not have done other things whilst hanging out in a Garden, that may or may not have involved hands. (I'm talking about drum circles, guys...).

6. Which is probably why you have a secret desire to hook up in library stacks... / Via Instagram: @ronaldpbarba

Alderman, u so sexy.

7. You're, like, really smart. / Via

You likely graduated at the top of your class in high school, scored near-perfect SATs, and won at least one national competition in some shit. You were pretty blasé about the intellect of your HS peers. You use the word "blasé".

8. And you're inherently super competitive. But you probably got a huge reality check at UVA.

Because literally everyone is just as smart, just as successful, and just as competitive. You were both equally excited for and depressed about this fact. Among all public schools, UVA graduates the highest percentage of Black students every year AND produces the most Rhodes Scholars. #SORRYIMNOTSORRY, Berkeley.

9. You have an undying passion for Thomas Jefferson. / Via

You probably make references to him on a normal basis, and likely buy parapharneilia featuring his visage or something he once said.

10. You believe in the "illimitable freedom of the human mind." / Via

Thanks to TJ, you will forever cringe at other schools that refer to their first-years as "freshmen". My thirst for knowledge has no ceiling, beeotch.

12. But, really, you didn't care about what you had to call them because you were too busy learning from their brilliance. / Via

And, unlike some other prestigious schools, you could actually meet with them during office hours and, like, talk about Hegel and stuff (that is, to the limit at which one can discuss Hegel before actually going insane).

18. Home of the Politicos...if you were into that stuff. / Via Instagram: @ronaldpbarba

StudCo, Honor, UJC, UPC, MRC, Cav Daily, IFC, ISC, hey gurl heyyy <33

19. You love and miss college a'capella.

View this video on YouTube


You have a go-to cover by the Sil'hooettes or The Virginia Gentlemen. And you probably get really excited every time you watch Pitch Perfect and see the Hullabahoos on your week.

26. Your school loves you just as much as you love it.

Via Instagram: @ronaldpbarba

Unconditional lurvvveeeeee. Basically, the best and longest relationship in which I've ever been.

27. You're really good at taking on a leadership role and ownership over a project. / Via

Because student self-governance. What's that...your club has a faculty advisor? What? Are we in kindergarten?

29. You take tour guides seriously. Or not at all. / Via

Being a university tour guide was a big deal for some reason. Either you love these people or you're a member of Ugghhhs for UGS - there is no in-between.

34. The Good Ol' song always manages to bring some tears to your eyes.

View this video on YouTube


It cheers our hearts, and warms our blood indeed.

39. You willingly leave shit, like your laptop, unattended in public spaces. / Via

Thanks, Honor Code for this deeply ingrained trust in my fellow man! One of these days, we're going to get all our shit stolen, but until then it's #whatevs. Ugh.

40. Whenever you bring up UVA in a conversation, somehow there's ALWAYS some Virginia Tech fan who will chime in about their football program.

43. No matter what, you can always call this place "home".

Samantha Brooke Photography / Via Facebook: SamanthaBrookePhoto

Sure, it's not perfect, and you may have your issues with it, but there's no denying that you always feel good coming back.

44. Most of all, you have so much respect and pride for this team.

Via Facebook: VirginiaCavaliers

30 wins. 18 straight ACC home wins. Regular season champs. Tourney champs. And the first Sweet 16 since 1995. Proof that talent and selflessness can go a long way. So proud of you guys. <3

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