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    44 Signs You Know You're A Virginia Cavalier

    Whether you call yourself a Virginia Cavalier, a Wahoo, or simply a Hoo, here are a few reminders of why you should be proud of that title. I'm just, you know, hoping to help ease all of those *~*emotions*~* from a certain game. Wahoowa until I die.

    Hey there, little guy. How are you holding up?

    I know - I totally get it. We have a right to feel sad and angry and all those bullshit emotions under the Tuscan sun.

    Our team lost to Michigan State, and now existence seems so pointless.

    But cheer up!

    Do you know why?

    Because you're a Virginia Cavalier. That's why.

    1. This is where you went to school.

    2. And that's given you an appreciation for good design and architecture.

    3. You hate that this is often referred to as "the quad" by college guidebooks and websites.

    4. You miss Garden parties.

    5. You spent/spend a lot of time in one of these:

    6. Which is probably why you have a secret desire to hook up in library stacks...

    7. You're, like, really smart.

    8. And you're inherently super competitive. But you probably got a huge reality check at UVA.

    9. You have an undying passion for Thomas Jefferson.

    10. You believe in the "illimitable freedom of the human mind."

    11. You refer/referred to your professors as Mr., Ms., or Mrs. instead of Prof. or Doctor.

    12. But, really, you didn't care about what you had to call them because you were too busy learning from their brilliance.

    13. This:

    14.You probably developed a close relationship with an administrator or two.

    15. You have high-fived Dean Groves.

    16. This woman gave you lifeeeee.

    17. You have some obscure talent or hidden skill that most people don't know about.

    18. Home of the Politicos...if you were into that stuff.

    19. You love and miss college a'capella.

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    You have a go-to cover by the Sil'hooettes or The Virginia Gentlemen. And you probably get really excited every time you watch Pitch Perfect and see the Hullabahoos on your week.

    20. You're really glad this woman is an alumna.

    21. You have an unhealthy obsession with secret societies.

    22. You will totally get married here someday (if you haven't already).

    23. You've got a lot of experience with imbibing.

    24. Foxfield

    25. But despite all the drinking, you still manage to stay fit.

    26. Your school loves you just as much as you love it.

    27. You're really good at taking on a leadership role and ownership over a project.

    28. You got the privilege to live here, and you loved every minute of it.

    29. You take tour guides seriously. Or not at all.

    30. At one point, you thought about selling out to the man.

    31. You have a favorite Corner bar.

    32. On any given day, you crave Take It Away's house dressing, The Virginian's mac 'n cheese, or Marco and Luca's dumplings.

    33. On a similar note, you think this place has the best bagels in the world.

    34. The Good Ol' song always manages to bring some tears to your eyes.

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    It cheers our hearts, and warms our blood indeed.

    35. You frat hard. So, so hard.

    36. You love and miss Charlottesville.

    37. You have a deep appreciation for nature.

    38. You have eaten pancakes for charity.

    39. You willingly leave shit, like your laptop, unattended in public spaces.

    40. Whenever you bring up UVA in a conversation, somehow there's ALWAYS some Virginia Tech fan who will chime in about their football program.

    41. But you can always retort and mention our 20 national championships.

    42. You have an affinity for history.

    43. No matter what, you can always call this place "home".

    44. Most of all, you have so much respect and pride for this team.

    Whatever. It's your loss, NCAA.