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My Indian Father's Commentary During The Oscars

Dads are funny. Indian dads are hilarious. Sometimes, America just doesn't make sense to them. Here is a recap of my father's commentary during the 2014 Oscars (please read all of the below with a thick, Indian accent):

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3. "Where is Jim Carrey?"


Every Indian dad loved Liar Liar. It didn't stop mine from telling me at a very young age that he expected me to go to law school.

Either way, my dad makes a good point. Where IS Jim Carrey?!

5. "Are the pizzas vegetarian? Julia Roberts is a vegetarian! *big smile* "

My mom likes Julia Roberts because she's a good actress. My dad really likes vegetarians. Therefore, my dad loves Julia Roberts.

7. "Why is this lady singing?"


He liked it because singing in movies is something he is a lot more comfortable with. He chuckled when I told him her name was Pink and told me about a cousin he has in India named Pinky. Pinky Malhotra. Awesome.

"This is too long- I'm going to sleep."

He dozed off by the supporting cast awards. Gotta love him.

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