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5 Points To Fix India's Roads

It's not a simple task but if all the groups unite with the same goal it is definitely possible. #WhatIndiaNeeds

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1. The Road Planners and Builders

Elimination of Bottlenecks: A bottleneck on a road is anywhere traffic is forced to merge from one lane to another. Examples include:

•A reduction in lanes

•A problem with the road surface like a pothole

•Stopped vehicles

•Animals in the road

•Road side encroachments

•Pedestrians walking on the road

•Rainwater flooding and more

A consistent 4 lane road (2 in each direction) is better one which goes from 4 to 8 to 6 and back to 4 forming bottle necks as drivers try to overtake and cut back in

Controlled-Access Highway

•No signals

•Grade Separated Junctions

•On ramps and Off Ramps

Limited Access Roads

•Few signals

•Lane separated right, left and U turns

•Properly painted road markings

2. Traffic Management

Get motorists to a Limited or Controlled Access road within 3-4 minutes from their starting point

•Restrict the roads large buses and trucks can use

•Keep them out of small roads and residential areas

•Create dead ends in residential areas to discourage motorists from using them as through roads or short cuts

3. The Drivers

We need to understand that driving is a privilege not a right. Giving someone a one ton car, is like handing them a weapon. Mandatory driving classes need to be enforced. Countries like England, Germany and the UAE to name a few have strict driver training and testing programs which can be emulated.

Start off with New Drivers then gradually introduce refresher training and re-testing for existing drivers when they come for license renewal

Key points for Drivers

•Overtake on the right

•Keep left early if turning left and vice versa

•Drive in the center of your lane

•Safe driving distance between cars

•Use turn indicators and rear view mirrors

•Limited use of the Horn

4. Car Manufacturers

With better roads and driving behavior, car speeds will increase which means cars sold will have to be built safer. Features like airbags, crumple zones, seatbelts front and back, ABS, Shatter resistant glass to name a few will have to be standard on all new cars sold in India.

Enforce the European minimum safety standard at least. We deserve more than sub-par safety.

5. The Police

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•Crack down on illegal parking on the side of the road

•Stop street vendors and roadside mechanics who take up traffic lanes and pavements

•Punish motorists who run red lights. Even at night – the law is the law

•Carry out multiple sting operations to catch corrupt officials at all levels of the road authority

•DO YOUR JOB and Enforce the Law

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