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    • rodg

      Those of you that are so against the Mormons…no one was ever forced to be a Mormon or stay a Mormon. Attack if it makes you feel better, or fulfills some need of yours to lash out, for whatever reason. A good Mormon loves, not hates. A good Mormon cares about the well being of all other people, and is not vindictive. A good Mormon would not attack another based on their beliefs, but would certainly be interested in discussing the matter. A good person would also have these qualities. A lot of negativity is based on believing things you hear from people that are not in this “good” range. Do what you want to, we don’t care, we just think you should hear about something that works for us and we believe in. Not interested? We’d prefer a kindly “not for me”…..but whatever you want to do is fine. We try because we care…not because we want to trick you. And we are treated like this…oh well.

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