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12 Alleged Photos Of Dead Aliens That Perfectly Capture The College Experience

Let these extraterrestrial carcasses teach you a little something about the four wildest years of your life.

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1. When your roommates list each and every person you drunk dialed the night before.

Independence Day Wika / Via

2. When you decide to go on a hike right after a four-hour brunch.

YouTube / Via

3. When there is only one designated driver, so the whole squad piles into the back.

Project Avalon / Via

4. When you happen to glance at the syllabus and see that the final is tomorrow.

UFO Sightings Daily / Via

6. When you run into your crush at a party, and they're dreamier than ever.

12VN / Via

7. When your friends decide for you that it's time to leave the party.

12VN / Via

8. When you have to work on a group project with the rudest bitch in class.

The Truth BTS / Via

9. When you lay down for a power nap in the middle of an all-nighter.

Mysterious Sightings / Via

10. When you force your friend to take your picture, even though you're both blacked out.

Mysterious Sightings / Via

11. When your roommate is asleep but someone passes you the AUX cord.

Cool Interesting Stuff / Via

12. When you hear how much money you're getting for your used books.

I Was Abducted / Via
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