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6 Famous Paintings Reimagined With Benedict Cumberbatch

You'll often find him in period attire when he's on the silver screen, but what would ol' Benedict look like in period attire on canvas? Let's take a look...

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1. Here's Ben as Philip III of Spain:

Crystal Ro

Original painting by Andrés López Polanco, c.1617

High collars obviously suit him, so this seemed like the right place to start.

2. As Vincent van Gogh:

Crystal Ro

A self-portrait from 1889.

It's hard to tell the difference from the original painting... those zygomas!

3. As Rembrandt:

Crystal Ro

Another famous self-portrait, this time from 1659.

Dark colors suit the dapper thespian, no?

4. As "Boy Bitten by Lizard":

Crystal Ro

A lovely painting by Caravaggio from 1593–1594.

Dark colors definitely suit him.

5. As "Girl with a Pearl Earring":

Crystal Ro

A famous portrait by Vermeer, c. 1665.

So pretty!

6. And finally, as Frida Kahlo:

Crystal Ro

In a self-portrait from 1907.

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