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Things That Happen When You Work In A Sustainable Building

Because the best companies recognize that saving energy is cheaper than buying it

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2. You’re never quite sure who LEED is and where he works

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In a survey of more than 2,000 tenants who moved to 154 LEED or Energy Star buildings, 55% of responses agreed that employees were more productive.

3. Daylighting means your sunscreen budget has gone through the roof


One study shows that a half-hour exposure to bright daylight by sitting adjacent to windows reduced afternoon sleepiness in healthy adult subjects. The study also found that daylight was almost as effective as a short nap in reducing normal post lunchtime drowsiness and increasing alertness.

5. Using up those sick days becomes a challenge


A study of 31 green buildings from the City of Seattle found absenteeism reduced by 40 percent. You just feel so great. All. The. Time.

6. Your mood drops considerably every time you walk into a building that isn’t green


A large scale survey of office workers during the winter in Sweden shows that mood and vitality were enhanced in healthy people with higher levels of exposure to bright daylight.

9. You feel great – you’re single handedly saving the environment (okay, maybe not single-handedly)

RMI’s report Calculating Deep Retrofit Value explains how conducting deep retrofit can reduce a building’s energy consumption by as much as 50 percent.

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For more on how sustainable buildings can help ease the effects of climate change, watch Rocky Mountain Institute’s video, “A Tale of Two Futures: Sustainable Buildings or Climate Catastrophe.”

** All sourcing information via RMI's report, Deep Retrofit Value for Owner Occupants

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