• RockChick19

      Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard and Prince Charming/David Nolan from ‘Once Upon a Time’. They’re supposed to be these great heroes but they’re just massive hypocrites. Basically everything that they’ve condemned a villain for, they’ve done as well - cast the Dark Curse? Check. Kidnapped an innocent baby? Check. Separated said baby from it’s parents (and corrupted it with darkness) and sent it to another land? Check. They even took away their own daughter’s free will just to improve her chances of being a hero because they didn’t trust that she would choose to be one (even though by Snow’s own logic that the child of a villain would also be a villain, Emma couldn’t have been anything but a hero)! Half the problems in Storybook lead back to them in one way or another (the rest tend to be split between Rumple and Regina), yet, no matter what they do they are always treated as heroes (by the rest of the characters and by the writers who keeping telling us that Showing will have to deal with the consequences of their actions and yet it never seems to happen). There hasn’t even been much character development and we’re well into the 6th season!

    • RockChick19

      Arthur Pendragon from ‘Camelot’. Ok, yes he does go through some bad stuff at the beginning but throughout the show he constantly whines, doesn’t listen to anyone, repeatedly goes after his champion’s wife, who has told him NO again and again (and after he has been warned not to do it by Merlin and his own mother, the Lady Igraine, because of the trouble his father, Uther Pendragon, caused by doing the exact same thing!). His level of entitlement is through the roof and he doesn’t even begin to show signs of any character development. He is the reason that so many people ended up supporting Morgan (we’re not just talking fans here - most of his own country didn’t even want him on the throne!).

    • RockChick19

      Several indie films starring Eva Green can really mess with your head.  ‘Womb’ is just disturbing and really screwed up and seriously makes you concerned about the direction that cloning technology is going in.  ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ makes you question if you really know the people around you and whether even the most normal, boring family is really what they seem; literally suburbia seems way more sinister after this film (imho although it has a sort of similar plot and is also based on a book it’s way better than Gone Girl because it doesn’t go for all of the sensationalism). ‘Franklyn’ just has you questioning everything, how many choices you actually have in your life, is fate a real thing and if it is will you be one of the lucky ones who gets a little happiness or will you suffer, so that in the grand scheme of things someone else - a complete stranger, ends up on a path to their happiness. Even if you are one of the lucky ones how much you may have to go through and suffer before you get to be happy.

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