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21 Times Michael Clifford Was The Realest Person On Twitter

He just tells the truth and nothing but the truth.

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1. When he realized the internet isn't for everyone.

I've decided I shouldn't be allowed on the internet because I am very embarrassing

2. And came to the difficult realization that he can count his friends on one hand.

Tried to invite some friends to a show tonight. realized I only have about 5 friends in total. shit

3. Hangry...we've all been there.

I'm so hungry that I legitimately feel angry.... hangry

4. That time he just told people to mind their damn business!

stop giving so many fucks about what other people do. their shit is their shit and your shit is your shit. DONT TOUCH MY SHIT

5. But still be nice.

6. When he lived out all of our worst nightmares.

literally just said 'love you, bye' on the phone to the room service guy. well then

7. And just recognized how lucky we are to be walking this planet.

8. That time he wasn't asking for much.

9. When he recognized that ice cream is the ultimate love.

so lucky to be playing music to a bunch of cool ass people who want to hear it. I love my job like I love ice cream

10. And understood the heartbreak of a dying phone. *tear*

11. When he did the classic, "I've farted but i'll blame someone else" move. We've all been there.

Just farted on the tour bus. Gonna blame Calum

12. That time he recognized the constant struggle between sleeping and raging.

13. And the inner battle between having to pee and being so cozy in bed that you just can't move.

Kinda need to pee but not bad enough to get out of bed

14. Working out just means you can eat whatever you want later, right?

Worked out this morning. then proceeded to eat a shitload of chocolate

15. When he felt the need to let us all know.

16. And desperately needed food at the wee hours of the morning.

where the hell can I get a burger at 2.30 am in LA

17. When he shared this awkward moment with us.

Walked into a store and bought nothing but underwear. lady definitely thought I pooped myself

18. And called out men for being dicks sometimes.

happy women's day. if you're a dude, don't be a dick

19. That time we all related.

I would do anything for there to be a phone charger next to my bed instead of across the room

20. When he represented all the #singlepeople.

Eating mcdonalds watching Netflix on valentines day. what's happened to me

21. And recognized the holy blessing that is Italian food.

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