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19 Times Val From "Dancing With The Stars" Proved He Was Husband Material

He's just all sorts of perfect.

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1. When he showed us what a lazy Sunday in bed would look like.

2. He brings home flowers AND wine. *swoon*

3. When he took time out of his day to visit the children's hospital in LA.

5. That time he held a precious baby up like it was his own child.

6. He always shows support for his dance partners.

7. He even went to Zendaya's graduation!

8. Um, also, did I mention he looks like this?!

10. Oh, and also this. *dies*

11. Let's be honest, this wouldn't be hard to wake up to every morning.

12. But he also has an unbelievably big heart.

13. And he really loves the kids.

15. He just loves making people smile.

16. Even when they're a little bit older.

17. And he works hard at his job.

19. OK, Val, we get it. You're a god. Stay perfect. 😍

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