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    19 Times Taylor Swift Proved She's The Ultimate Best Friend

    She's just the sweetest.

    1. When she gave a shout-out to little Camila Cabello on her birthday.

    2. When she killed it with her brother and Lorde at a *casual* Oscars after party.

    3. And when she was obviously the best maid of honor in the history of weddings.

    4. That time she slayed the red carpet with Selena by her side.

    5. And when she struck a sassy pose with her pals and looked like a member of Destiny's Child.

    6. When she had a coffee date with her BFF Kelsea.

    7. And when she squeezed the adorable little Ariana.

    8. When she was the best godmother to Jaime King's little boy.

    9. And when she jumped for joy with Blake Lively.

    10. When she stunned with her gal pals.

    11. And struck a pose with Mr. Wiz Khalifa.

    12. When she went on this ~amazing~ boat ride on the River Thames and looked chill AF.

    13. And when she brought her model friends on stage and fit right in with them.

    14. When she posed with Serayah, Lorde, the ladies of Haim around this special bike.

    15. When she stayed true to her high school BFF, even after all these years.

    16. When she supported Emma Stone when she was on Broadway.

    17. When she and her sun-kissed BFFs were simply stunning.

    18. And when they looked like they were ready for one hell of a night on the town.

    19. Keep being the best friend ever, Tay!

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