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    17 Reasons Kendall Is The Fiercest Lady In The Kardashian Clan

    OK, we know she's *actually* a Jenner, but this girl brings something special to the Kardashian clan.

    1. She is making a name for herself as a model for some iconic designers.

    2. She is all about self-love and feeling like you are good enough.


    3. She tells it like it is.


    4. She doesn't waste time when it comes to socializing.


    5. She didn't even experience an awkward phase, because she's literally #blessed.

    6. Her friendship with Cara Delevingne, aka "CaKe," is GOALS.

    7. In fact, her entire clique is fly AF. Victoria's Secret models, anyone?

    8. She rocks a red carpet like no other.

    Valery Hache / Getty Images

    9. She talks about her mother the way most daughters would.


    10. She is honest and always looking out for her friends and family.


    11. Her smolder is to die for.

    12. She is incredibly supportive of those close to her.


    13. She looks amazing, ALWAYS.

    14. She is the queen of Coachella.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    15. She puts everyone else's happiness before her own.


    16. She's not afraid to embarrass herself and be goofy.

    17. And she's relatable. She just gets it.



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