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21 Times Michael Clifford Slayed Your Entire Life On Instagram

♫ He looks so perfect on the 'gram. ♫

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1. The time he casually chilled with television royalty.

2. When he walked the red carpet with his pants down, 'cause YOLO.

3. The time he went to Japan and posed like a cat with pink slippers. 🐱

4. When he let his buddy pick his nose, because that's what friends do.

5. The time he was cooler than the rest of us by putting feathers in his locks.

6. When he went on a normal, everyday grocery shopping trip.

7. When he posted this picture and made us scream, "MICHAEL!!!!??!?!?!?"


8. When he gave us ~fitspiration~.

9. When he was chill as hell on this crane... thing.

10. When he redefined #SelfieSunday as #SpideySelfieSunday.

11. When we were all, "Harry, is that you?"

12. When he was the walking definition of sexiness.

14. The time he rocked this hat and we totally accepted it, because he actually pulled it off.

15. When he was brutally honest with us about his search history.

16. The time he found his doppelgänger.

17. And of course, every time he changes his iconic hair to a new, crazy, Michael-esque color.


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