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19 Things That Happen To Girls With Boys' Names

"Oh, did your parents want a son?"

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1. Sometimes couriers refuse to let you sign for packages because they think they're for a male recipient.


2. You receive penis-enlargement spam as standard.

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3. Around half your mail is addressed to "Mr".

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4. In fact, you've been addressed as "Mr" at least once in person.

5. Which makes for a fun conversation when you're trying to get birth control.

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6. Or someone in admin accidentally signs you up for boys' PE at school.


7. Some people who think your name is "too weird" are always trying to give you nicknames.

8. Other people like to helpfully inform you that it's a boy's name. Because you never actually realised that yourself!

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9. When you meet a boy with your name, you can tell they silently resent you for "stealing" their name.

10. But if you meet a girl with your name, you share a special bond FOREVER.

11. People think it's okay to ask you questions like "did your parents want a boy?"

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12. Or "So, are you gay?"

13. As an infant you were mistaken for a boy at least three times a day.


14. So your parents took to dressing you aggressively in pink.

15. If you're straight, there's at least one person who assumes your boyfriend is gay because they've heard your name in passing.

16. Or that your girlfriend is straight.


17. People you email are constantly getting your gender wrong.


18. You've tried adding the word "Miss" to your email signature, but it just makes people think you REALLY want them to know that you're unmarried.

19. Still, if you want to get out of a meeting with someone you've never met, you can always tell them that you "don't know where he went".

Everyone's a winner.