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15 Unique Easter Recipes That Are Actually A Breeze To Prepare

Some of these beauties don't even need time in the oven.

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1. Cakes in eggshells.

Caleigh /

This gluten-free Domestic Sluttery recipe is a little dose of Easter magic. Just pour cake batter into hollowed-out eggshells, bake in the oven, then try to look modest as everyone around you shrieks about how fiddly this must have been. (Here's a video showing a special BuzzFeed recipe, too.)


5. Cadbury's Creme Egg brownies.

This is the Cadbury's Creme Egg section of the article, so take a few deep breaths before continuing. Each slice of these deliciously messy brownies has half a Creme Egg sunk deep into it, releasing gooey chocolate and creamy fondant into the batter.


6. Cadbury's Creme Egg and bacon rolls.

OK, let's all calm down - this isn't as unhealthy as it looks. Actually, who am I kidding? It's exactly as unhealthy as it looks, perhaps more so. But, if you have a sweet tooth and a fondness for bacon, you probably won't sleep well until you've tried it. The recipe involves just-roll pastry, bacon and a blatant disregard for common sense.

8. Cadbury's Creme Egg cocktail.

Yes, really. Although that's a mini Creme Egg, not a giant cocktail glass. It's basically vodka with creme de cacao, Galiiano, ice cream and chocolate sauce. Want to make one yourself? Thus ends the Cadbury's Creme Egg section of this list. I hope you feel as nauseous as I do.


9. Paleo coconut macaroons.

Flickr: elanaspantry / Creative Commons

Easter can be a dreary time for anyone who doesn't like chocolate or is eating gluten-free. Help them out with these light little paleo-friendly coconut macaroons. Although if they also don't like coconuts or macaroons then they're just being difficult.


13. Bramley apple soda bread.

Jack Monroe /

If you're sick of chocolate and sweet things altogether, this is a good gateway food back into the land of savouriness. It only has five ingredients, comes out at a frugal 20p per slice, and will go nicely with some cheese. Also you can make it vegan by using non-dairy milk (and avoiding the cheese, obviously).

14. Blueberry and pecan loaf with a maple syrup glaze.

Rachel Murphy /

If you're not ready to go back on the salty stuff just yet, try this blueberry and pecan loaf. It's easy to make (try not to launch into it as soon as you take it out of the oven - you need to let it cool before you add the glaze), AND the recipe is from Rachel Bright - Poppy from EastEnders!

15. And finally, just look at this. It's a chocolate lasagna, for goodness' sake.

This surprisingly simple creation is an orgy of chocolate pudding, cream cheese, butter, Cool Whip (although in the UK you could use Dream Topping mixed with whipped cream) and chocolate chips, with a crust of Oreos and butter.

Let's just take a moment to let the reality of this set in.