31 Intensely British Reactions To The Tube Strike

    Queue, sigh, tweet, repeat.

    1. Today a 48-hour Tube strike hit rush-hour London. Which meant, of course, lots of polite queuing.

    You can go on strike but you'll never stop us queueing. #tubestrike

    2. We queued politely in Hammersmith.

    Looks a bit difficult to get in the Hammersmith station for the Hammersmith & City Line #tube #strike

    3. And Clapham Junction.

    Tube strike chaos all going swimmingly at Clapham Junction.

    4. And we queued the polite HELL out of Stratford.

    WOAH. RT @eastlondonlines: "RT @symeonbrown: Stratford station. Avoid. #tubestrike #ELLtubestrike " tubestrikes <4”

    5. Queueing for buses wasn't a barrel of laughs, either.

    Nice how the #tubestrike brings us all together...with a stranger's elbow in your ear and a cock in your back

    6. Most buses were packed, and stuck in gridlock.

    7. On the other hand, vintage Routemaster buses were laid on for free.

    Vintage Routemaster and its crew helping people during the Tube strike. No ticket is required. I love London.

    8. Making rush hour a historic event.

    @heritageroutes This is the Routemaster that helped me beat the #tubestrike ; small inside but robust & comfortable

    9. A lot of people just decided to walk instead.

    Lovely walk to work today with a much better view. In your face tube strike!

    10. It was a lovely day for it.

    Due to tube strike, I'm having to take the scenic route. And when I say scenic...

    11. And smuggery levels were high.

    Wishing I was on the tube instead of braving the crowds in Hyde Park...thank you #tubestrike

    12. But not everyone commuted by foot.

    Tube strike won't stop uh getting to #hotelolympia Rokill will be there by train boat and cable car!!

    13. Well, not their own feet, anyway.

    That's one way to beat the tube strike.

    14. Some people travelled like this.

    I want to know what incredibly awesome job this woman does that she'd go to these lengths to get to work. #tubestrike

    15. And this.

    @thamesclippers hooray for you; this is better than the District Line any day! #tubestrike http://t.co/jVDW5LcDeQ

    16. And this.

    Your workplace is this way... #tubestrike

    17. And this.

    Most inventive way to get to work during the tube strike - I'm impressed @Liberty_Krissy

    18. And whatever this is.

    Alternative Transport sorted for #Tubestrike

    19. Other commuters were so traumatised that they retreated completely into fantasy.

    Does anyone know what Gandalf whispers to the moth, because I'd like to get to work like this... #tubestrike


    I had already planned on getting to work like this today anyway. #tubestrike

    21. Meanwhile, Twitter was full of helpful advice, as usual.

    “@Scanditwitchen: Tube strike? Try these alternative ways to get to work #helpful #boris #strike ” @leanne_baci xx


    Some useful tips for your commute today and dealing with the tube strike ;-) #London #tubestrike #commuterproblems

    23. Although this one is unforgivable.

    @freestuffeu advice: Play Happy by @pharell on ur MP3 player during #tubestrike period. U'll feel better! Guaranteed!

    24. And everyone fell for those fake "handwritten" Tube signs all over again.

    Are they 'avin a laugh?! #TubeStrike

    25. FAKE.

    Just the one London Tube Strike tweet from me; a feeling shared by a lot today!!

    26. ALSO FAKE.

    Happy Tube Strike Day..... Sorry, Tuesday!

    27. Some Tube lines did appear to be running...

    “@matt_sowerby: Think you might wanna walk? #tubestrike ”

    28. But no one was really sure which ones were operational.

    Intermittent service from Mill Hill East even tho line is supposed to be closed. #tubestrike

    29. And most of them were horrendous.

    Fave moment of tube strike so far: whiny bald bloke "move down. There's plenty more space inside" Train carriage in unison: DICKHEAD!

    30. Some things never change.

    Nearly kicked down sum 1 on da train dis mornin ! Boris johnson owes me p's! Kmt #tubestrike

    31. <3 LDN 4 EVA.

    Someone is farting on this bus and it is packed! Damn this tube strike