17 Truly Devastating Pret Problems

Definitely devastating, and not petty at all.

It’s lunchtime. You’ve “forgotten” to bring your homemade lunch into the office again. There’s only one thing for it.

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To Pret a Manger, sandwich shop of kings!

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1. This is where you encounter your first problem: the queue. No one knows where it begins.

There’s a crowd of people clutching cans of Yoga Bunny Detox drink, chatting about sales targets. You have no idea who’s waiting to pay.

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2. Want a banana? By all means. Each one costs £5.

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3. How about some nuts? In Pret they come four to a bag, and each bag costs roughly your monthly salary.


And they’re not even roasted.

4. Rice cakes are £35 apiece, but then you have to ask yourself if you’re really a rice cake sort of person.

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5. And Love Bars are delicious, but they’re roughly the calorific equivalent of China’s GDP.

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They’re handmade.

6. Even if you just want a sandwich, there are slightly too many to choose from.

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7. And, on closer inspection, you’ll find that almost every one is smothered in mayonnaise.


8. Or is super fattening.

9. Then there are the ones with weird fillings. Sweet potato falafel, anyone?

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10. How about “naked” avocado?

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11. Or KALE?

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12. Eventually, when you arrive at the counter, you’re greeted by an over-friendly barista who asks you all sorts of complicated questions about your day.

13. Whereupon you learn that Pret doesn’t do big coffees.

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14. Or iced coffees.


So you order a small coffee, a wrap, and an almond croissant.

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And get the hell out of dodge.

15. On your way out, your loose coffee lid comes off and hot coffee spills down your sleeve.


16. You get back to your desk and open your wrap, only to have the entire flatbread peel away with the plastic wrapping.

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17. And, if that wasn’t torture enough, your almond croissant actually turns out to be a ham croissant.



Still, whatcha gonna do?

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Get lunch from Marks & Spencers?

Go all the way across town to Eat?

Make your OWN sandwiches?

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Don’t be silly.

You’ll get your lunch from Pret again tomorrow.

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And you’ll eat it and be happy.

Because every cloud has a silver lining.

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