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    May 24, 2014

    This Woman Could Turn Your Staircase Into An Indoor Slide

    Provided she gets funding.

    This magnificent contraption is the SlideRider, invented by Trisha Cleveland from Minnesota.

    Trisha Cleveland

    It's a weighted foam mat with safety bumpers that you unfold onto your household staircase and slide down.

    Trisha Cleveland

    And it folds neatly away when ENEMIES OF FUN - I mean grown-ups - want to use the staircase like normal people.

    Trisha Cleveland

    Although Trisha has built a prototype SlideRider through invention group Quirky, her idea doesn't yet have a manufacturer.

    Trisha Cleveland

    So obviously you should get in there ASAP and help make this important dream a reality.

    Trisha Cleveland / BuzzFeed / Robyn Wilder

    SlideRiders in every home!

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