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21 Language Sins That Will Send You Straight To Spooky Grammar Hell

Up with this we will not put.

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1. Confusing "your" (belonging to you), and "you're" (you are).

No, you're a dumbass, dumbass.


7. Pluralisin'g word's by addin'g apostrophe's befor'e the las't lette'r.

There is no need for this sacrilege.


9. Using "less" instead of "fewer".

"Less" refers to items you can't count ("there was less apple sauce after dinner").

"Fewer" refers to multiples of single items you can count ("there were fewer apples after lunch").


15. Using "everyday" (which refers to something that happens daily) instead of "every day" (which means each day).

No, you don't, Will Smith. You go to work every day. You might go to work in your everyday clothes, but you still go in every day*.

*Just to clarify, we have no prior knowledge of Will Smith's daily schedule.


18. Confusing "there" (in that place), "their" (belonging to them), and "they're" (they are).