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28 Struggles That Only Brits Who Grew Up Abroad Will Understand

Citizens of the world, unite.

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1. Your passport is an impressive patchwork of stamps from various countries.

2. A few are from layovers where you never saw the outside of the airport, but you don't need to tell anyone that.

3. You pack like a flight attendant, fly like a bird, and have totally conquered jetlag.

4. Also, you are an Airmiles MILLIONAIRE.

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5. You feel conflicted when someone who doesn't know you grew up abroad refers to you as "British".

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6. And you immediately take against anyone who disses a country you've lived in.

7. You have pre-prepared long and short responses to the question "Where are you from?"

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8. And you have no idea who to back during Eurovision and the World Cup.

9. You've made your peace with sounding like a dick whenever you start an anecdote with "when I lived in..."

10. Your current accent is a diluted version of the one you had growing up.

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11. And changes depending on who you're talking to.

12. Without thinking about it, you use foreign slang to make a point.

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13. And switch languages to talk to a family member on the phone.

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14. And pronounce loan words like "paella" the original way.

15. You don't always dream in English.

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16. You know tons about the different cultures in various countries...

17. ... But you're not entirely sure where Durham is on a map.

18. Your friends who grew up going camping in North Wales don't understand why you get so excited about holidaying in Britain.

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19. You're often tired from Skyping with overseas friends at 5am.

20. So many British pop culture references go way over your head.

21. And no one within a 100-mile radius of you remembers your favourite childhood cartoon :(

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22. On a bad day you don't feel as though you really belong anywhere.

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23. But! You know all the best places to get authentic foreign food.

24. And everyone loves it when you teach them how to swear in foreign.


25. Not to mention the exotic treats you bring back from abroad.

26. You are probably the most adaptable person you know.

27. And you're excellent at making new friends on different continents.

28. Which means that, next time you visit another country, there's probably a sofa you can crash on for free.