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Lost, "Subversive" Chapter From "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" Published

Fifty years after publishers called it "too wild", Roald Dahl's missing fifth chapter appears in The Guardian.

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A missing fifth chapter from Roald Dahl's classic children's novel, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, has been published in The Guardian – almost 50 years after the book's original publish date.

Penguin / Quentin Blake

The chapter, entitled "The Vanilla Fudge Room", is from an early draft of the book. According to The Guardian, it was excluded from the published version for being "too wild, subversive and insufficiently moral".

The missing chapter also features new illustrations by Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl's principal illustrator.

The newly revealed chapter includes other characters who didn't make it into the published version, such as Jimmy Troutbeck, Miranda Grope and Wilbur Rice.


The chapter describes their adventures in a room containing a mountain of creamy-brown fudge. You can read it here.

Roald Dahl died in 1990, and this missing early chapter was found among the papers he left.