28 Problems All Absent-Minded People Will Relate To

    And then immediately forget.

    1. Searching for your glasses while wearing your glasses.

    2. Texting someone to tell them that you can't find your phone.

    3. Completely blanking on the reason you called when the other person picks up the phone.

    4. Putting one of these in your mouth...

    5. ... And throwing one of these in the rubbish.

    6. Having no idea what's going on in the movie because you started daydreaming during important dialogue.

    7. "Breaking" an item of gossip to the friend who told you it originally.

    8. Momentarily forgetting your best friend's name.

    9. Having someone buy you a special key-finding gadget because you're always losing your keys...

    10. ... And losing the gadget within minutes (and forever).

    11. Having friends who instinctively check that you have your bag and phone whenever you leave somewhere together.

    12. Only ever managing to say "Happy birthday!" with the word "belated" in the middle.

    13. Never ever being on time, and never ever being able to figure out why.

    14. Walking into a room and wondering why you went in there.

    15. Walking back into the room you came from, and wondering why you were in there.

    16. Basically, being trapped in a cycle of room-tennis for hours at a time.

    17. Dropping a glass because you forgot you were holding a glass.

    18. Buying a new computer because you forgot the password for the old one.

    19. Opening the refrigerator when the microwave dings.

    20. Repeatedly missing your stop on a regular commute.

    21. Getting lost in your own postcode.

    22. Driving off with something still on the roof of your car.

    23. Never knowing the date without checking first.

    24. Or what colour underwear you're wearing.

    25. Always being reminded that you're absent-minded, because you keep forgetting.

    26. Constantly making to-do lists to mitigate your absent-mindedness. These lists are of limited help.

    27. Living in constant fear of going on holiday and leaving a family member at home.

    28. Forgetting how many items were supposed to be on this list.