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27 Pictures That Prove Fingerselfies Are The New Selfies

Faces are O-V-E-R. Digits are where it's at now.

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2. I pity the foo' who hasn't caught onto this trend yet.

3. Duck-faces are boring now.

4. Fingers are much more versatile.

5. You can use them to denote love.

10. Fingerselfies are basically your own tiny theatre.

11. You could stage your own version of Harry Potter.

14. You might like to celebrate your favourite World Cup moment.

15. Or turn yourself into a superhero.

17. Hooray for Captain Americowl!

18. You could even stage your own zombie apocalypse.

20. Or family-based cannibal holocaust.

21. Alternatively, you might just want to use fingerselfies to celebrate your BFFs.

22. Even your long-distance ones.

25. Or just the simple joy of being a cat made of fingers.

26. Hooray for fingerselfies!

27. What will your first one be?