12 More Dogs With Bee-Stung Noses

Dogs are still trying to kiss bees, even after this cautionary tale.

1. Remember those 13 dogs with swollen, bee-stung noses?

Via Doug

2. Well, here are 12 more.

Flickr: danisaacs / Creative Commons

Flickr: danisaacs / Creative Commons


3. Apparently dogs don’t read BuzzFeed, because they’re at it again.

imgur.com / smuemoo

4. Trying to kiss bees all over the shop, and getting enormous stung noses as a result.

imgur.com / ofcoursetorey

5. This guy heard that saliva is a good antiseptic, and is trying to lick his bite.

Flickr: madaise / Creative Commons

6. This dog’s antihistamines just kicked in.

Flickr: deadoikos / Creative Commons

7. This dog is self-conscious about his temporary lisp.

Flickr: lamzydivey Creative Commons

8. Does this bee-sting timeline remind you of anything?

reddit.com / WhenDookieCalls

9. This dog is doing his best to stay under bee-radar.

Flickr: gmcmullen / Creative Commons

10. This dog feels so silly that he’s exiled himself to the shed.

reddit.com / datablue

11. This dog has sworn off bees for LIFE.

Flickr: dennis / Creative Commons

12. But this dog? This dog is going to hunt down some more bees to kiss ASAP.

Flickr: astroguy / Creative Commons

Just as soon as he sorts his underbite out.

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