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22 Reasons Why Hot Water Bottles Are A Girl's Best Friend

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1. Because, when the seasons are turning and you can't quite bring yourself to switch on your heating, this is a valid way to stay warm.

2. Because going out on Friday night is overrated.

3. Because they come in Moomin.

6. Because sliding your bare toes in-between ice-cold sheets on a winter night is positively traumatic.

7. Because this is a legitimate cure for period pains.

8. Because you can use them to banish a cold.

9. And soothe niggling pregnancy aches.

10. And treat back or belly discomfort.

11. Because they can make studying a bit more palatable (in situations where, say, alcohol would be unhelpful).

12. Because a quiet night in with a hot water bottle can reboot a blue mood.

13. Particularly if you uphance your cosiness with a onesie.

14. Because it's not just girls who like hot water bottles.

16. Because no one will know if you go out with a stealth hot water bottle under your sweater.

17. Unless you want them to know, of course.

19. Because sometimes you need a little help napping.

20. Because sometimes you feel like snuggling up to something and being on your own.

21. Because, when it's cold and you have a new book to read, nothing looks more inviting than this.