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17 Foolproof Ways To Look Good In Photographs

Photogenic people aren't born, they're made. According to this Quora thread.

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1. Have lots of shots taken but only keep a few. / Via

Taking multiple pictures at once can weed out those rogue blurry shots, or the ones where someone is mid-blink. So make like a professional photographer and get a bunch of photos taken from each angle, then go through them and save the best one(s).

2. Stand back from the camera, and ask the photographer to zoom in instead.

ABC / / Via

Consumer cameras, including phone cameras, have moderately wide-angle settings, which means that objects in the foreground (like your nose) may appear larger than they are. Stepping back evens everything out – and it's great for group shots, too.

3. Face the light to add sparkle to your eyes.

Light reflections will bring your eyes to life, so make sure you're facing a light source, whether indoors or outdoors. / / Via

Light reflections will bring your eyes to life, so make sure you're facing a light source, whether indoors or outdoors.

4. Stand in front of something that contrasts with what you're wearing. / Via

This makes sure that you don't disappear into the background. Also, check behind you to ensure that you won't have a tree growing out of your head in the finished photo.

5. Turn off the flash. / Via

It's harsh, unflattering to skin, and can cause sharp shadows that distract from the focus of the image.

6. To make your skin glow, have your photo taken when the sun is on the horizon. / Via

The horizon glow bleaches out skin imperfections and gives you an instant St Tropez luminescence, so only take photos at dawn and dusk.

7. Stand on tiptoe, inhale, and lift your body up a bit just before your photo's taken. / Via

Lengthening your body and improving your posture makes for a more flattering shot.

8. Keep the camera above you. / Via

This elongates the face and accentuates the jawline.

9. Push your forehead out and down slightly to give yourself a chiselled jaw.

Try the method beloved by photographer Peter Hurley. It's just a tiny physical shift but makes a massive change to portrait photos.

10. Try "squinching".

Another Peter Hurley trick, this involves slightly pinching your bottom lids and squinting your upper eyelid (pinching + squinting = squinching, see?) to appear more compelling in photos. And, once you get the hang of it, it works.

11. Alternatively, try "smising". / Via

Try Tyra Banks' favourite photo trick – smiling with your eyes. Relax your mouth and try and express happiness with your eyes. It makes your face softer, allegedly.

12. DON'T try to do both together.

The wind will change, and you might stay that way.

13. Turn your head slightly to the side so that one ear is showing. / Via

The contours of your face will create a more interesting image than a head-on shot.

14. Think of a happy memory. / Via

Instead of having to fake a smile, your emotions will encourage a genuine smile.

15. Or get someone to tell you a joke just as the photo is taken.

16. Shout "hairbrush" or "sex" instead of "cheese" to get everyone to smile naturally.

Focus Features / / Via

17. And now, FREEZE! Freeze your smile at its widest point – it'll feel unnatural, but it'll look genuine.

Thinkstock / mtr / Via

Now you can pose with confidence!

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