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    "Penguin Dancing" Meme Takes Saudi Arabia By Storm

    Apparently "رقصة البطريق" or "The Dance of the Penguin", is massive in Saudi Arabia right now.

    So it looks like the Penguin Dance, or "raqsat al-batriq", has hit Saudi Arabia.

    The WSJ reports that Penguin congas are now becoming a rapid staple of Saudi wedding parties.

    And even at some fire houses.

    Saudis are sharing videos of themselves dancing on Keek and YouTube - this man's video of him dancing with his daughter alone has had 1.8 million views.

    "Saudis like to have fun and enjoy themselves as much, if not more, than the next person," dance expert Leila Molaei told The WSJ.

    "The penguin craze is a manifestation of that. It's a bit of fun."

    "The penguin dance?" Said Nourhan Ashraf in Riyadh. "We've got it on our ringtone!"

    Watch a video of the phenomenon.

    View this video on YouTube