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These Glorious Wedding GIFs Will Make You Want To Raise Your Wedding Photo Game

So pretty.

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1. Award-winning photographer Jeffrey Lewis Bennett has been capturing the best moments of people's weddings for more than 10 years, but in 2011 he started experimenting with animated wedding GIFs.

Bennett, who lives in Clawson, Michigan, creates his GIFs from a series of still photographs taken on his clients' big days, and animates them later.

"Only a few clients appreciated them at first," He told BuzzFeed. "In the last year has it taken off. Now a large number of my clients mention them as a reason they'd like to work with me and even make requests."

You can see Bennett's wedding photography on his website, and his wedding GIFs on his dedicated Tumblr.

"Photography is my livelihood and these GIFs are a fun hobby. It's great to get to do what you love."