"The Great British Bake Off" Contestant Claire Goodwin Responds Candidly To Fat-Shaming Tweets

    "I'd heard of trolls projecting their misery onto others through unkind words. I'd rather be fat."

    Claire Goodwin, a "Great British Bake Off" contestant, has blogged about being targeted by fat-shamers on Twitter.

    This was her first encounter with malicious tweets such as "you're fat, love" and "just go home and eat all the cakes".

    ''Shame it wasn't a cake eating contest or she would have won!'' Ruthless commentary from Claire Jackson! #GBBO

    Claire was shit, just go home and eat all the cakes #GBBO

    "I don't know why i'm crying over cake" - because you're fat love #GBBO

    However, according to her blog post, Goodwin – a speech therapist and an amateur baker from Cheshire – seems to have taken a philosophical approach.