"The Great British Bake Off" Contestant Claire Goodwin Responds Candidly To Fat-Shaming Tweets

“I’d heard of trolls projecting their misery onto others through unkind words. I’d rather be fat.”

1. Claire Goodwin, a “Great British Bake Off” contestant, has blogged about being targeted by fat-shamers on Twitter.

Great British Bake Off / bbc.co.uk / Love Productions

A series of “openly mean” tweets accompanied Claire Goodwin’s only appearance on the BBC baking competition. Goodwin has written about this “darker side” of Twitter on her blog.

2. This was her first encounter with malicious tweets such as “you’re fat, love” and “just go home and eat all the cakes”.

6. However, according to her blog post, Goodwin – a speech therapist and an amateur baker from Cheshire – seems to have taken a philosophical approach.

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