Everybody On Twitter Loves A Rainy Bank Holiday


1. So today was a Bank Holiday in England and Wales.

2. It gave us a much-needed three-day weekend to see friends, have barbecues, or just kick back and relax.

3. Of course, traditionally it rains on a Bank Holiday.

4. This time, the weather didn’t disappoint.

5. Most traditional Bank Holiday activities were cancelled because of the weather.

6. But, weirdly, not many people on Twitter seemed to mind.

Classic bank holiday for the UK. Rain everywhere! I shall remain snuggled in a hoodie and lounge pants. Happy bank holiday y'all!

— Naomi Jane (@pixiedust_nai)

Typical bank holiday Monday! Rain! Best get on and make some strawberry fudge then! (made with real strawberry)

— Mamas Cupcakes (@MamasCupcakes01)

Seeing as we are having typical bank holiday weather, just going to have a cosy afternoon in front of the telly!

— Emma Bluemink (@emmabluemink)

Perfect bank holiday Monday, i wanted rain so i can stay at home, watch films, eat crap and be 21 again on the ps3

— David (@stockalljnr)

10. In fact, some people seemed to actively enjoy it.

*stretches out on the sofa, watching the rain falling during an English Bank Holiday Monday*

— Alix Cattrall (@AlixCattrall)

bank holiday monday = duvet day

— Joxiha (@JoshHillierr)

Love a cosy Bank Holiday. On the sofa naked with a cup of coffee while rain patters against the window and DFS security call the police.

— Ben (@snorewell)

13. Even those who decided to brave the bad weather seemed undeniably chipper.

Perfect Bank Holiday spent @drunkblackhorse with friends & rain! @annafshaw @bigbodge9 @got2dogs

— Mark Elliott (@MarkElliott52)

Nothing like an august bank holiday walk with the dogs in the mist and rain !

— Sam Sanderson (@Samsanderson10)

Nice bank holiday Monday run in the rain! #happy

— Badger (@ni_hao_nicki)

16. Although some chose… poorly.

As bad decisions go, a trip to Ikea on a Bank Holiday Monday is up there with when Napoleon last tried to invade Russia.

— Ryan Micheál Jessop (@SqnLdr_Jess)

i just got went to the busiest bank holiday ikea ever and came out with nothing but a house plant

— bella (@alyxvances)


— sophie louise milner (@sophieFSblog)

19. On the whole, though, people seemed to enjoy the chance to stay in, put their feet up, and basically doze in front of the TV.

Honestly love it when it rains on a bank holiday hope you've all had a fab day

— kerry ❤️❤️ (@K77kloKerry)

Rain + bank holiday = stay in bed & watch films all day

— ☠ BORN SINNER ☠ (@EdgeJhagra)

Spend this bank holiday catching up on shark week perfect

— Lucy Chappell (@Lucychappers93)

22. Except for this alpaca at the Horniman Museum in London, who doesn’t look like he’s having the best time. But he doesn’t count, because he’s not on Twitter.

Latest arrival at @HornimanMuseum. Baby alpaca isn't at all perturbed by bank holiday rain #london

— Caroline Egan (@c_egan)

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