19 Dogs Who Are So Over Everything

    "Oh, woofever." —these dogs

    1. This dog who wants milk, but is out of milk.

    2. This dog who can barely even look at you right now.

    3. This dog who hurt his foot and can't. stop. reliving. it.

    4. This dog, who saw you packing a suitcase — but doesn't realise that he's coming too.

    5. This dog who doesn't care if you step over him or not because, like, will it even matter 100 years from now?

    6. This dog who can't believe you went shopping without him.

    7. This dog, who's heard one too many anti-wrinkle cream jokes.

    8. This dog, who finally figured out the difference between "dog years" and "human years".

    9. This dog who battled a porcupine, and lost.

    10. This dog who accidentally saw a bunch of Game of Thrones spoilers on the internet.

    11. This dog, who doesn't understand why he's not having warm, soapy fun right now.

    12. These dogs, who are protesting in support of that first dog.

    13. This dog, who just found out that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

    14. This dog, who thought he made his feelings about this sort of thing perfectly clear the last time you dressed him as a penguin.

    15. This dog who can't believe this is his life (no, not that dog, the one underneath).

    16. This dog, who is trying to make "emo doge" a thing but isn't sure it'll work.

    17. This dog, who was planning to go to university with you as a lovely surprise, but apparently you don't want him to, so whatever.

    18. "Just, like, life."

    19. And this dog, who has been defeated by the very concept of stairs.