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    British Man Claims To Have Photographed Actual Fairies

    Clap your hands if you believe!

    Could these tiny winged creatures be real fairies?

    John Hyatt/MEN

    John Hyatt from the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire believes they are.

    John Hyatt/MEN

    The 53 year-old Manchester Metropolitan University lecturer has been photographing the creatures for the past two years. At first, he didn't realise what he was capturing in his images. "It was a bit of a shock when I blew them [the photos] up," he told The Daily Mail. "I went out afterwards and took pictures of flies and gnats and they just don’t look the same."

    Here's a closer look.

    John Hyatt/MEN

    Do they look like fairies?

    TriStar Pictures /

    Or flying insects?

    Flickr: jrguillaumin / Creative Commons

    Or is it all a hoax, like the Cottingley Fairies? / Creative Commons

    In 1920, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths' photographs of frolicking fairies convinced many photographic experts at the time, but were finally debunked in the 1970s as shots of post cardboard cut-outs.

    "There are stranger things in life than fairies," says John Hyatt, who will display these photographs at The Whitaker Museum in Rossendale through spring.

    John Hyatt/MEN

    "People can decide for themselves what they are."

    Disney / Creative Commons

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