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    21 Foods That Forgot How To Food

    Flavours that should never have been, and yet were.

    1. Whale beer.

    2. Thanksgiving gumballs.

    3. Chocolate with bacon and potato crisps.

    4. Salted caramel green tea.

    5. Cheddar and chorizo donuts.

    6. Turkey and gravy soda.

    7. Scorpion lollipops.

    8. Charcoal ice cream.

    9. Ginger and orange popcorn.

    This is the worst thing I have ever tasted

    10. Foie gras bubble gum.

    11. Orange juice cereal.

    12. Crocodile egg ice cream.

    13. Milk chocolate filled with liquid salted licorice.

    14. Bacon popcorn.

    15. Blue cheese ice cream.

    16. Watermelon Oreos.

    17. Baked potato-flavour Kit Kat.

    18. Breast milk ice cream.

    19. Buffalo wing soda.

    20. Ramen chocolate.

    21. And finally, fried chicken Oreos.