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28 Animals That Look Way Better With No Necks

Thanks, users of the subreddit Animals Without Necks, for all the reimagining.

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1. Imagine a world where animals had no necks.

2. Polar bears would be a lot cuter (but equally as dangerous).

3. Groundhogs would look weirdly hench.

4. Donkeys would look ever so slightly pleased with themselves.

5. Seahorses would basically be underwater party-blowers.

6. Wolves would look odd.

7. Deer would be EVEN MORE ADORABLE.

8. Flamingos would go hungry. :(

Look at how sad this one is.

9. Swans would have to live on pond scum.

10. But at least giraffes would get to try a whole new food source closer to the ground.

11. Poodles would look, uh, interesting.

12. Everyone would want a pet tapir.

13. And a desert fox.

14. Ostriches would have to hypnotise food into coming close to their beaks.

15. Meerkats would look a bit shifty.

16. Sloths would start to look like Dr Zaius from the original Planet of the Apes movie.

20th Century Fox /

17. You'd think twice about messing with a pigeon.

18. Cats would start to take over from humans.

19. (I don't know why cats with no necks would be a threat to humanity. It just seems as though they might.)

20. Pugs wouldn't look massively different.

21. But ducks would be more compact.

22. Alpacas would become inexplicably smug.

23. Birds would basically be beaks on stilts.

24. But ponies would be the cutest.

25. No, wait! I mean hippos. Baby hippos would be cutest.

26. Or do I mean baby goats?

27. Oh, I don't know which is cuter. It might even be baby dancing bears.

28. All I know is that this neckless owl is mine.

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Get your own.